It is with heavy hearts we inform you, our dear past and future guests of our decision to remain closed for the 2020 season.  There are 2 factors involved in our decision.  

For the past 3 months, we have been hiring our team members, curating our new menu, while also organizing our 2020 events at The Pearl Eatery, all while our family has been wrestling a nightmare health crisis. Our 3 year-old grandson Camden Kingyens was diagnosed with a rare form of Brain Cancer on December 10th and since that time has had 9 surgeries and has just completed his 3rd round of chemotherapy at the IWK in Halifax.  We have only recently received the news that the tumors have shrunk and for that, we are praising God for his mercy and faithfulness.  This news was necessary in order for him to be able to move to the next phase of Stem Cell Transplants and High Dose Chemotherapy at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Ontario beginning next week.  These treatments are not without risks and it will be a difficult and long road involving months of isolation.  Watching our children walk this road has been the most challenging aspect.  Two young parents with a precious gift given by God, trying to somehow reconcile that the gift may have only been given on “loan” for such a short time.  To remain strong, and joyful and positive for Camden as he faces painful and frightening procedures several times a day.  Camden also has an older brother, Nate, he is 6 years old and he too is struggling, we are so thankful that we have been able to be here with him and support Matt and Victoria in that way. 

Looking at the next several months, we know our focus needs to be on supporting our family while they navigate intense treatments with risks and complications, along with a 6-year-old sibling. 

We want to take this time to extend our highest gratitude for the ongoing support from our island family from near and far.  Words simply cannot express how grateful, appreciative, and fortunate we are to have such a supportive community helping us through this journey. The armies of people praying and lifting him up, fundraising, the outreach, the online donations, that have been given to Camden and Family, is truly amazing and we are forever grateful.

Even with all that was happening in our personal lives we had been confident in the team that we had hired to make the 2020 season at The Pearl the best one yet.  Then from out of nowhere along comes Covid-19 bringing the world to a standstill.  There is no way for us in the midst of our struggles to anticipate how and when the season will open and what it will look like when it does.  It was the final straw and ultimately the reason we will not be opening for 2020.

*For those who have purchased gift certificates,  these can be redeemed at any time when we re-open, however, if you wish to refund them, we would like to offer that option to you.  Please message us directly to make arrangements for the refunds.*

Left to right: daughter-in-law Victoria, grandson Camden, grandson Nate, and son Matthew. Camden on March 14th, at the IWK.

2017 Chef Announcement – It’s going to be an AMAZING season!!!

Chef Cobey Adams

Chef Cobey Adams was born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario. He spent his childhood studying theatre, music, and took every opportunity to be in the spotlight. After being denied his first job application at Dairy Queen for being too young to legally work, he returned on his fourteenth birthday, and was a manager by fifteen. This humble beginning in hospitality is a perfect representation of Cobey: tell him he can’t do something, and he’ll do his best to prove you wrong.

Chef Cobey AdamsAfter transitioning into the front-of-house at another local restaurant, he quickly realized he was on the wrong side of the line. He landed an internship at a small, Italian restaurant, where his mind and taste buds were introduced to new culinary experiences. He rolled gnocchi, butchered rabbit, kneaded pasta, and oiled focaccia, and realized that he had found his niche.

Cobey attended Toronto’s George Brown College for the Chef Training Program. After graduation, he made the decision that he would experience Canada before anywhere else. Over the next five years, he found homes in Toronto, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, and last, Prince Edward Island. Working under German, Italian, and Mexican chefs, Cobey approached every kitchen with a focus on learning and studying, which led to his unique style.

In 2015, Cobey accepted the position of Chef de Cuisine for Fireworks at the Inn at Bay Fortune. In its inaugural seasons, he gained a vast appreciation for farm-to-fork cooking, while honing the concept of local, sustainable fish, meat, and vegetables on Prince Edward Island. Cobey’s leadership placed Fireworks third on Enroute Magazine’s “Best New Restaurants in Canada” list, gained international media attention, and earned the “Taste Our Island” award. Additionally, Cobey competed on Food Network Canada’s Chopped Canada, showcasing his skills and finding an opportunity to use that all-but-forgotten stage presence.

Cobey lives by three words: keep it simple. Butter, garlic, shallots, white wine, and salt. Be proud of the product coming in the door, season it well, and serve it with a smile. Nothing crazy here, just good food.

2016 Taste our Island Award Finalist


For the 7th time the Pearl Eatery was named as a Finalist in the Taste our Island Awards.  The evening spent at the Rodd Charlottetown with the other finalists proved to be a memorable evening for the entire team as we all attended.  Congratulations to all the other nominees and the award winner and his Team – Michael Smith of the Inn of Bay Fortune.